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Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

In order to promote good health and the longevity of a tree's life, tree trimming and tree pruning is a necessary precaution. Not only do we elevate trees off of lawns, and cut them back off of houses and roof lines, but we also raise and thin canopies to allow sunlight to grow greener grass, or dry out damp, mossy properties. Precautionary measures should be taken before small trees become a large problem on your property.

Proper tree trimming or tree pruning can enhance the overall aesthetic of your lawn by maintaining your trees well-being which makes them safer and more stable. Although we recommend regular tree trimming, over-pruning your trees can cause more harm than good, so it is always best to hire a professional to perform the task.

Reasons why you may want to trim a tree

  • Tree trimming can increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree's crown or the landscape below.
  • In most cases, mature trees are pruned as corrective or preventive measures.
  • Routine thinning can help your trees overall well-being

Height & Spread Reduction

When a tree has grown very large and poses the hazard of interfering with utility lines as well as large buildings, it is time to consider tree reduction, also know as canopy reduction. Stems and branches tend to grow very quickly and require regular trimming or cutting. Routine pruning or reduction is necessary so large trees aren't posing other hazards to your property.

When your trees outgrow their environment, they can be dangerous to surrounding structures and put the tree at risk of dying. We recommend regular tree reduction to remove unusually large growth. Being proactive is what we do at Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC. Trees have the potential to live very long lives and we are in the business of ensuring they do.

Benefits of Tree Reduction

  • Reduce the weight of potentially dangerous limbs.
  • Balance a misshapen tree, for example, following storm damage, or after bad pruning.
  • Prevent trees obstructing or damaging buildings and property.
  • Prevent trees from interfering with overhead telephone and power lines.

Tree Thinning & Canopy Raising

There are a multitude of reasons to thin out a canopy. One being that it allows more sunlight to reach your plants and grass. Everybody likes a nice lawn, and if done correctly, canopy raising will greatly improve this. Another issue that it may help improve is better living environment. Mosquitoes are a major nuisance. If you would like to minimize this issue, thinning the crown increases the airflow and sunlight around your home. Thus decreasing a habitat for mosquitoes. Next issue is mold and mildew. These two are synonymous with shade and water. Thinning your tree line can help decrease this.

Lot Cleaning Service

When your property needs to be cleared, turn to Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC. Whether your property needs regular maintenance or after a storm clean up, you can rely on us for prompt & reliable service. This includes commercial and residential cleanup, debris removal, and damaged tree removal. Lot clearing requires special equipment, sometimes even heavy duty equipment, Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC can get this job done for you.

Property values may increase when you add eye appeal. Land that is maintained and overgrowth is controlled has far more value than those overgrown with unwanted shrubs and noxious weeds. Trees hanging over property lines, fallen down, dead and standing are all reasons of clearing lots.

Our crews can remove trees, grind stump, shred branch's into chips, mow down unwanted brush, weeds and small trees. At completion of clearing we can plant fresh healthy trees, we are here for you and work together to see you as a customer are satisfied with results.

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