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Landscape Spring Cleaning

Seasonal cleanups are a necessary part of maintaining the health and beauty of both your lawn and landscaping throughout the year, and performing a spring yard cleanup will allow your lawn and landscape to thrive during the summer growing season.

Spring cleanup is essentially cleaning up what winter left behind, and usually it isn't pretty. Come springtime, your lawn is looking to feel rejuvenated and refreshed with rain showers, warmer temperatures and sunshine. When all you want to do is enjoy the warm weather in Indiana, come springtime, let Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC cleanup what winter has left behind so you don't have to. From removing soggy leaves in your flowerbeds to replenishing your grass seeds if necessary, we do it all and so much more. We'll make your property safe and visually appealing for the start of the spring and summer seasons with our landscape maintenance services.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Apply mulch
  • Fertilize your plants
  • Clear your flowerbeds of debris
  • Check your plants for winter damage
  • Move and divide perennials, if necessary

Fall Cleanup

Fall is the time of the year that requires aeration treatments and a lot of leaf removal services. At Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC, we provide your home or business with essentials your lawn requires to finish off the season and get ready for winter dormancy. Our experts can clean up all the leaves, fallen branches and other remnants fall has left behind. As beautiful and colorful as fall is, it can leave behind quite a mess. It's best to clean up any and all leaves after the fall season in preparation for the winter season.

Leaf Removal

Brightly colored fall leaves are one of many joys of the season. However once these leaves begin to drop from the trees they may become a nuisance often times completely covering a lawn or landscape and inhibiting health and growth. Our team can help you get rid of them in a timely manner, and leave your back and front yard looking beautiful and clutter free.

Mulching Service

Mulch is usually a layer of organic material laid over the top of your soil across your landscape. This material can be made out of almost anything organic. You can use mulch for garden beds, flower beds, lining the edges of your yard or just to change up the appearance of a section of your yard and help it stay healthy and free of weeds.

Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC can help you install a fresh layer of mulch, in addition to all our other landscaping services. Give our team a call and let us get ready for the warmer months ahead!

Benefits of Mulching

  • Retains moisture
  • Prevents soil from eroding
  • Keeps weeds from growing
  • Less necessity to water, weed, or fertilize
  • Provides needed insulation against both cold and hot temperatures

Shrub & Seasonal Flower Planting Services

When the winter is over with and you want a colorful garden full of healthy flowers and greenery, you should consider our planting services! Beautify your garden and front yard for the spring and summer to come! If you have no time or desire to get down and dirty to plant flower after flower and bush after bush, let the professionals at Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC do the job for you. We offer planting services for flowers, shrubs and greenery of all kinds.

Seasonal Planting Options

  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Annual
  • Perennials

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