Indianapolis Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services

The experts at Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC are properly equipped to handle your tree removal needs, in a safe, efficient and timely manner. If a tree has reached the end of its life span, and its removal is the last option, we will do our best to make the process as painless as can be.

We take every necessary precaution from start to finish to minimize damage or roughing up your landscape, and all of our jobs get completed in the same day in which they were started. The tree removal job is considered "completed" until we cut, chip, and remove all limbs and rake your site clean.

Crane Utilization


When property damage is unacceptable, or when there's no or limited accessibility, Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC has the proper insurance, equipment, experience and resources to handle the toughest tree removals with the help of a large crane.

Removing trees with the help of a crane is one of the safest, most efficient procedures ever introduced to arborculture. We can pick up trees from back yards, inside pool areas, and over neighboring houses, and place them down in the area in front of the crane, to then process the tree to be removed. This takes the work and labor out of removing trees the traditional way. When we perform crane work on a customer's property we guarantee no lawn damage, which puts peace of mind on the areas most manicured lawns.

Hazardous Tree Removal Services

Trees are a great investment to your home by adding overall value to the property, which is why Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC likes only to consider the removal of a tree when it is hazardous or a last resort.

Although not all "hazardous " trees are necessarily damaged, many homeowners may request any tree to be removed on the basis of safety. The fact is that the proximity of a tree to your property, a street or an area that has high traffic may pose a high risk and a liability, no matter how healthy a tree is, and it's removal is the best option.

Our team is highly trained to remove these trees and do it with the utmost care to ensure no damage and minimal impact is achieved during these removals.

Reason a tree may be considered "hazardous"

  • The tree is dead and could fall on its own.
  • The health of tree is declining and, with all your efforts, it's health is not improving.
  • Roots are becoming a threat to foundations or underground utilities.
  • You may want it planted in a more appropriate place.
  • You may want to remove it because it's blocking your view.
  • You want to utilize the area for another purpose.
  • It's grown to be too big for the location.
  • New construction could also be reason of tree removal.

Dead Wood & Broken Branches

Deadwood within trees is a natural process for some fast growing tree species. This process is a fairly common occurrence, especially in mature trees. It's possible that the heartwood of the branch is hollowed out because of fungal colonization, or, because of storms, disease, lack of enough sap, or even lack of water. When this happens, the branch may end up dying.

Deadwood can remain safe for long periods on trees with a high degree of heartwood such as oak and provides important habitat for wildlife, however if you have reasons for having it removed, the experienced team at Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC can help you accomplish that.

Whether you need deadwood or branches removed, you have come to the right place and we can help you with your project.

Reasons To Remove Deadwood & Trim Your Trees

  • When deadwood breaks off in a thunderstorm the heartwood of the tree is exposed
  • When deadwood becomes a liability and a threat to safety to your property or loved ones
  • When a large amount of deadwood is not aesthetically pleasing
  • When deadwood reduces the tree's capability to grow into its proper shape

Storm Damaged Tree Removal

Indiana is known for seasonal extreme weather. Unfortunately, a tree damaged from high winds, lightning, ice or other physical impacts may leave you with no other option but to have it removed. A damaged tree has the potential to fall, thus crushing anyone or anything in its path!

If you find yourself in this situation, know that at Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC you have a professional team. Not only are our workers experienced and knowledgeable, but we have all the equipment necessary to complete your job without causing additional damage, and in a timely manner.

Emergency Tree Service

When bad weather hits your hometown, you may find yourself searching for a tree service company to visit your property and provide immediate assistance. At Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC, we take great pride in providing our customers with fast and efficient emergency 24-hour service.

When you combine our fast service with a commitment to safety, it's easy to see why Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC is known as one of the top emergency providers in the state of Indiana.

Some of the many types of equipment we may use include:

  • Cranes
  • Landscaping Tractors
  • Bucket Truck
  • Grapple Truck
  • Stump Grinder
  • Chippers

Stump Grinding Service

Do you have an unwanted tree stump in your yard that is it causing you trouble, such as by interfering with a home renovation project or just looks awful? While the removal of a stump and roots sounds like an impossible task, we're here to let you know that it's not nearly as difficult as it sounds. With many years of experience, combined with all the right equipment, Cardinal Tree Service & Landscaping LLC can remove your unsightly stump in no time at all.

Stump grinding removes both the stump and any runner-roots above the surface. Upon completion, there's nothing protruding from the ground, leaving you with a smooth surface to do with as you please. Additionally, stump grinding eliminates the potential for insect activity such as that of termites and carpenter ants that are often attracted to old stumps.

The Benefits of Stump Grinding

  • No root system to dig out and haul away
  • Easy to re-landscape over or around the area
  • No large hole to fill

A Complete Solution for Your Tree related & Landscaping Needs

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